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Stress Fracture.

Woke up the other morning and I couldn’t stand on my foot.Whenever I put any pressure on my right foot it would send a shooting pain all the way up my leg and into my beans, no dice. When there is no pressure it’s just a throbbing ache. So I was walking around on it and suffering for two days and then I soaked it in scalding hot water for about 45 minutes and it felt great, I was able to walk on it fine the next day. That night however I woke up in ABSOLUTE agony because it felt like my foot was being crush by a hundred-thousand pounds of pressure, I almost cried. I went to work, gimping around and the girl there (who is wonderful) who is studying to be a nurse looked at it and told me I probably have a stress fracture in my foot. Well I don’t have and health insurance and I certainly have no money to get it looked at professionally so I don’t know what to do. A friend of mine gave me an old wood cane that I’ve been using to walk around and keep the pressure off of my foot, it’s helping but I feel like such a goon with this thing. People have been looking at me like I’m faking it and it makes me feel guilty because I’m actually in a lot of pain. Hopefully this will go away soon, it’s happened before, not this bad, and it went away so I’m hoping it’ll just work itself out. Until then you can catch me hobbling around with my cane.

  • 5 December 2011
  • 16